Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Word About The Photos

Yesterday I cringed a bit as I posted my blurry photos of Dorothy Height which I took at the 1981 ERA Countdown Gala. But, blurry or not, I am glad to have them. They remind me of the story.

So a word about how/why I have most of my pictures.

Remember this was in the days before digital cameras. No chance to check the photo and shoot again. And, no little lightweight cameras or phones that you slipped in your pocket.

I was shooting with a clunky and heavy 35mm SLR camera that I lugged with me everywhere - often carrying a separate longer telephoto lens to take a long shot. My photos are a classic example of multi-tasking. Usually I had paper and pen in one hand with the camera balanced in the other catching a few shots for the record. And, no checking the photos on the spot, as we can do today. You waited for the slides to come back a few days later hoping - - -

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